The Advantage of Getting a fast approval for a Bond Loan

The Advantage of Getting a fast approval for a Bond Loan

Getting Pre approval for a bond loan, Image by Direct Finance Loans

Are you in the market for the perfect rental home for your family? If so, you might want to consider applying for a bond loan with fast approval. You can spend weeks searching for your dream home, and the last thing you need is to have it snatched from right under your nose by somebody else because you were not quick enough to submit an offer due to not having the necessary bond available when you needed it.


Having an approved bond loan in NSW means that you can demonstrate to home owners that you are ready to lease the property. Homeowners prefer to deal with renters who are immediately ready to lease their property and are ready to move straight away. Hence having a loan pre-approved before you look around for your dream rental home will give you an advantage over other renters who might be interested in the same property.


What is involved in obtaining a fast bond loan?

Firstly, you will be required to provide the necessary application supporting documents so that the lender can determine if there is enough capacity for you to service the loan, they will also take into account the proposed new rent that you are likely to be paying. Other information they will need to know is what other current loan, credit cards and other commitments you currently have.

If you have found a new property that you intend to move into they will also require the address of this property for their records.


Bond loan for bad credit – how much can you afford to spend on a new home?

If your financial situation is not looking good, then you may still qualify for a pre-approved bond loan before you sign a new lease. Seek out lending firms that offer emergency bond loans for bad credit.



If you have found a suitable property but are struggling to come up with the funds to cover the bond and the other moving costs it may be a good time to talk to a lender to see if they can assist with a loan to cover these expenses. Call “Direct Finance Loans” today on 1300 800 260 and start talking to one of our experienced team.