Emergency Loans

Sometimes unexpected costs and emergency situations are out of your control and you may not have budgeted for unpredictable circumstances. Bills are the number one cause of stress for Australians, worrying they might not have budgeted enough to pay their phone, electricity and heating bills. Direct Finance Loans offers emergency loans from $300-$5,000 and we know time is of the essence and you’ll need funds as soon as possible, so, we ensure you receive your loan within 24 hours of approval.


Not everyone has medical insurance and you may need financial assistance immediately to pay for medication, tests, surgeries, doctor or specialist fees.Maintaining good health is a priority and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health because of limited funds – our emergency loans are quick and easy to apply for with no delay in payment.


Your car is your mode of transport, you have to get to work and drop the kids to school among other things, so you need to have a way of getting around so to not disrupt your daily routine. Unfortunate incidents, accidents, breakdowns, repairs and registration can put a strain on your budget and limit you getting back on the road. Apply for one of our car repair emergency loans which range from $300 up to $5,000 which can help to pay for one of these unexpected bills.


When appliances stop working in your home, you can’t wait too long until keeping up with day to day activities becomes too difficult. When your washing machine, dryer, hot water system or TV break down it can put a hold on your normal everyday life.
Once you let us know the amount you require and we understand your personal situation, we will match you to the right household expense loan product using our responsible lending guidelines.

If you are in need of emergency loans, apply online today at Direct Finance and experience exceptional service, and have the funds in your account the next day for immediate use after approval.