Unexpected expenses like heating bills and sudden emergencies such as medical expenses or car repairs are things that many of our customers struggle with from time to time. You aren’t alone when it comes to occasionally being short on cash and it’s because of this that our business exists, we want to help you out. At Direct finance loans, we can provide our customers with small direct money loans between $300 to $5000 to cover these unexpected events.

Our customers have the benefit of being able to tailor their repayments to suit their particular situation and needs. Our Direct Finance Loans consultants will be able to discuss with you the terms of payment and any associated fees that are included in the agreement. Once your loan is approved and you have signed the loan paperwork, you will generally receive the funds in your bank account on the same day you apply. You won’t have to worry about debt hanging over your head for years, as most of our direct money loans are paid off within months.


We have made it easy for our clients to apply for their direct money loans by creating an easy online application. It is streamlined to ensure that loans can be approved and repaid quickly whilst ensuring that repayments are affordable, so you will be able to comfortably pay them off without it impacting heavily on your life. We also have no penalty for making extra payments when you want to pay additional amounts or finish your loan off early.


We look forward to helping you discover the possibilities with our direct money loans. Call us on 1300 800 260 to talk to the Direct Finance Loans experts or alternatively apply online using our fast and super easy to fill application. No need to stress about unpaid bills or not being able to get the new gear that you need, get a direct money loan today!